I.C.E Datacenters – Metro Optic covered in major IT World Canada article

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Here is an interesting  IT World Canada article from December 16:

Montreal sits at the centre of Canada’s data centre golden age.

A quote from the article:

“Michael Bucheit took over as CEO of I.C.E. parent company, Montreal-based Metro Optic, after running two data centre businesses south of the border. I.C.E. is a wholesale-level datacentre operating at 1.2 megawatts, where big enterprise clients are coming to him directly because they want a direct connection to their data centre through a dedicated fibre link. The 25,000 square foot Montreal data centre operates as a carrier-neutral hub that can provide access to providers like Shaw, Cogeco, Videotron, or international markets through carriers like Deutsche Telecom and Orange.

The data centre is just under 50 per cent full, he says. Customers are a mix of Canadian government, carriers, and digital businesses, and about one-third of his customers are foreign businesses looking for a wire into the North American Market.”



1080 Beaver Hall, Suite 1620
Montreal H2Z 1S8
Quebec, Canada

Montreal : +1 514-316-1037
Toronto : +1 416-613-3610

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