Metro Optic

METRO OPTIC is an independent provider of datacenter-neutral high-speed fiber solutions. Since its inception in 1988, Metro Optic offers specialized telecommunications services and solutions to medium- and large-sized businesses as well as to telecom carriers and wholesalers. Some of our unique features include:

  • We own and operate a private metro Montreal high-speed fiber network that inter-connects with all major Canadian and the majority of large U.S. and international carriers. It also provides high-speed fiber solutions to all major datacenter locations, the key aggregation points of internet traffic and data in the region.
  • As a truly independent private fiber provider, we are unique in our ability to offer our customers dark-fiber, wave services, lit fiber and IP-transit options to deliver their digital data at lightning speed.
  • Similar to 151 Front Street in Toronto, our flagship downtown interconnection facility at 875 St.Antoine is the fiber-richest entry point of long-haul fiber. Re-inforced by 7 fully independent fiber entry points, we can provide the optimal facility for latency-sensitive traffic at maximum redundancy.
  • We specialize on providing the most flexible, redundant and scalable fiber solutions to the aggregation points of internet traffic and data – our independent fiber network services all major datacenters in Montreal.


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1080 Beaver Hall, Suite 1620
Montreal H2Z 1S8
Quebec, Canada

Montreal : +1 514-316-1037
Toronto : +1 416-613-3610

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