Our investment focus is on developing market leading companies in the Internet Infrastructure industry in Canada. We believe that Canada is poised for explosive growth and here are some of the reasons:

Sound Politics & a Qualified Workforce:

  • Political stability and neutrality, high living standards & economic independence
  • A very diverse, well educated and bilingual workforce (English & French)
  • Very low risk of natural disasters including floods and earthquakes

Inexpensive Power & Cooling:

  • Among lowest power costs in North America – 5-6 cents/kWh in Quebec
  • Among greenest & most abundant power sources – 96% hydro; access to 200+ TWh of power
  • Among most stable and predictable power suppliers – regulated kWh pricing; high‐quality grid
  • It can get chilly – free air cooling designs viable year-round

High Speed Communications

  • Proximity advantage to the U.S., the biggest consumer and data consumption market
  • Along the lowest latency routes between key business hubs – London, NYC, Tokyo
  • Montreal to NYC 8.4ms; Boston 8.5ms; Toronto 9ms
  • Access to local ISPs as well as all major Canadian and International backbone providers

Good Business All Around…

  • Strong privacy legislation; not subject to Patriot Act
  • Proven!! Largest datacenter users & cloud providers have built significant presence (OVH, Ericsson, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc.)
  • Datacenter and Fiber Providers with deep, international business experience… like us !


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Quebec, Canada

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Toronto : +1 416-613-3610

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